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I did not get anything but the most minimal work done for the animals — that is, feeding them. I did, however, made a chocolate chip cookie crust cheesecake. The cheesecake was based on the Instant Pot Cheesecake #17, but in the oven for size reasons. It was deemed “very rich,” and everyone approved.

On to the little I did get done:

So, I’m currently out of “shelves” on the Leaning Tower of Fodder, so I cross-stacked the “younger” batches. Apparently, this particular batch didn’t much care for that. The seedlings are pointing in every direction except up. That’s good to know. I hope to acquire a replacement shelf shortly.

The half pound batch looks to have a really high germination rate. I still don’t think it will have enough of a root mat to perform well. But it’s good to have the confirmation (to me) that the full pound was just too much.

The batch of fodder I fed tonight, I noticed there were a lot of seeds that were only a little germinated in the bottom.

The batch that gets fed tomorrow, I noticed tonight that some of the seeds are actually growing their greens along the bottom. It was the only direction they could get light.

Hopefully between the half pound and 3/4ths pound, I’ll figure out what gives the best growth rate.

But I’m lazy, so I’m going to only measure final weights for those batches. All of the rest seem to be falling into the realm of about “5 pounds of fodder to 1 pound of seed.” It’s a bit of variance, but it’s roughly that. Seeing which of the lower weights results in a better (or the best) fodder to seed ratio will be interesting. (Also, I kinda would like to return my kitchen scale to the kitchen. šŸ˜› )

One buck did not finish last night’s fodder portion. I gave a doe with kits his portion. Everyone else had more or less finished theirs. There’s definitely variance in how much each rabbit is enjoying or liking this change. Some of them are cool with it, some of them really like the fodder, and some — that buck in particular — rather “Eh” to not happy about it. But they still have free-fed pellets, and I intend to keep that available. Just in case I go down with a bad migraine, or we’re traveling for business.

Eggs: 2 blue, 3 brown.