Plodding Through

Last few months have been rough.

It’s been a bit since I was able to care for my animals directly. Injury and then illness, including a brief hospital stay. I still can’t handle the cold air without my lungs trying to relapse.

Trying to manage the assistance I’m getting without being able to do more than look out the back door at the situation.

Changed a rabbit’s name to “curry”, and butchered her in the bath tub — it needed done, and I couldn’t handle the cold to do it outside. Worked out better than I expected.

I am improving, and I can at least go out and physically participate in the process of buying the *feed* for my livestock. The first few days out of the hospital, I couldn’t manage that. Every day I hope to get back outside to accomplish something, and get a lungful of brittle cold air and … Nope. Not happening.

But it will. I hope.

I do get across the house faster, without getting winded in only one crossing. Today, I even managed to mop in the kitchen and scrub at the stove top, which was some improvement. So, the improvements are happening.

I am deeply frustrated by the situation but we’re making things happen as best as we can.