Stepping back in

The blog is … not a consistent item, as any reader may have noticed. Primarily because I actually have work and a life outside of homesteading, and it’s not like a blog (or Facebook page) is going to earn me any money.

Currently not raising Silver Fox or Palomino rabbits. In the case of the Pals, they just weren’t willing to reproduce, well, like rabbits.

And the Silver Fox bloodline I had, couldn’t. I had multiple instances of split penis show up, with both bucks and does simply not interested in the idea of breeding, no matter what I did. I ended up culling all of them, and giving myself a break from the stress of rabbits not being willing to be rabbits.

A couple of weeks ago, we did acquire a new batch of rabbits, mixed breeds which are quite colorful and all of the adults are proven. That’s a beneficial idea.

I have gotten a new set of adult quail from a well known, reputable breeder, and I’m working on building a dedicated shed for quail and chicks, right by the house. While I had previously intended to move everything up the hill, my continued mobility issues (while intermittent) do make it difficult to consistently tend to the livestock up the hill. Having the high-need stock down at the house makes things a lot easier.

My pigeon pair has yet to successfully hatch a chick, and I am unsure if it is feed related, simply weather, or something else more insidious.