Bee School

Today, my little girl and I spent the day at the Indiana Beekeepers’ Association’s Beginner Beekeeping School. It was the first time that days lined up to allow it, and she’s been asking for a couple of years when we might start keeping bees. Way more money than I had to spare later … Looks… Continue reading Bee School

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Birthdays, Unicorns, Zombies and Expansions

It is the amazing Small Person’s birthday weekend, and we were fortunate that Grandpa (aka, per SP, Zombie) was able to visit for her birthday again. Accordingly, Zombies has been a game all weekend, with Baby Brother joining in the festivities. (“Graga, graga!” is BB’s attempt at saying grandpa.) She had a unicorn and Plants… Continue reading Birthdays, Unicorns, Zombies and Expansions