Haven’t Forgotten I Have a Blog

I haven’t forgotten the blog.

It’s just been downright hell attempting to manage everything.

You might notice the date of the previous update.

There have been a couple of false starts on posts since then, but I’m usually pulled off to do any billion of other things.

I will say that “virtual schooling” a very social child is not compatible with keeping up to date with a blog, especially while also wrangling a very small one, AND attempting to tread water on farmette type things.

I’d had grand plans for planting a garden, etc., last March.

That didn’t happen, in part because late last February, I went down the stairs while holding the then-8 week old infant. HE was unharmed. My back and hip got jacked up. Followed by discovering my “good” knee has a torn meniscus, almost certainly from the same incident. Due to other asshattery, the knee has not been fixed.

We acquired quail in April/May, with the initial hatches occurring in June and July. I also purchased some teenage birds in August to spread out the bloodlines I’m working on.

Rabbits have been very UNproductive this past year, and I’m almost fed up with them all.

The chickens are doing okay, but I need to acquire a rooster. The hens keep crouching for me.

There’s a new batch of quail eggs about to hatch tonight — I hope it’s an okay brood. Of course, I’d waited to hatch until the worst of the cold was going to be over, but OH WAIT, here’s the worst of winter so far. Yay! /sarcasm. But I know that none of the eggs collected over this next week or so are going to be anything but frozen solid. 🙁 Such is life.

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  1. I had missed your emails. Sorry things have been so rough😔. I hope they improve greatly during this year. I want you to know what an inspiration you are to me. Thank you!

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