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Eggs are available year-round, although the hens’ production fluctuates based on the season. The hens are not pasture-raised due to safety concerns (hawks, neighbors’ dogs), but are provided as much growing greens as I can provide them, and all the bugs they can catch in their pen. As they are not pasture-raised, they receive commercially available feed, both layer and scratch, to supplement other food sources.

A colorful assortment is typically available at any given time. A sample dozen below shows an example of the range of colors and sizes that may occur.

Price: $3 per dozen.

Please contact to reserve prior to arriving.

Rabbit, Frozen

The rabbits are fed a diet of home-grown wheatgrass fodder, plus commercially available alfalfa-based pellets and timothy hay. My herd primarily consists of commercial-type, but less industry favored heritage breeds, the Silver Fox and Palominos. I also have one Silver Fox mix and a pair of New Zealands.

As a small-scale producer, all rabbits are home-produced and processed in a production area not inspected by ISDH. They are processed under the ISDH guidelines for processing. (Exemption under IC 16-42-5-29.)

Price: $6 per pound, estimated weight about 3 pounds.

Please contact to reserve prior to arriving.

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