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Count down

Assuming the hospital doesn’t reschedule on us, it is less than 12 hours until we head there for me to be induced with SP2.

I’ve done all I can to prepare the homestead for me being gone for a couple of days, and my physical capabilities being diminished for a bit after I get back. I carried 100 pounds of chicken feed (half cracked corn, half layer pellets) up to the chickens last night, and refilled their big feeder. I carried the half bag of chick starter up for the caged chicks and have it stored in the coop proper.

We don’t dip down into freezing temperatures until very late Monday, so I have the garden hose on an automatic float to keep the main water barrel topped off until then.

I have instructions for the fodder care and feeding program (for everyone) written up and printed out. Husband has a copy, and I’m obviously able to provide verbal instructions as necessary.

The mealworm beetles (Darkling beetles) have been refreshed and checked over, although depending on when we leave the house tomorrow, I may give them a quick once over again before heading out. The mealworms were fed sweet potato slices last night (which had holes eaten into them by this morning, so apparently, they really like sweet potato). They should be okay until I get home.

I have a bag and backpack packed with necessary items to drag along.

And, most importantly, I’ve baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies for Small Person.

Here’s to hoping that everything goes well tomorrow.