Trudging Along

The hospital visit went as planned, and pretty smoothly, all things considered.

As a consequence, I have spent most of the last almost four weeks doing exceptionally little of note beyond being at the beck and call of a darling little boy. I’m still limited to 10 pound lifts, and I pay for it when I disobey that restriction, in blood and pain, although both are decreasing.

It’s honestly been a struggle to manage the rabbits and chickens under these conditions. I gave up on the fodder for now. The rabbits are back on 100% pellets. I got some alfalfa-timothy hay cubes, and we’ll see how/if the rabbits will eat those in addition.

Today, I wean another litter. I still need to MARK the first litter I’ve weaned this season, so I can lump all the grow-outs together.

I also need to start sorting out which cockerel will be allowed to live, and prepping to butcher the rest by … well, about this weekend, really. That’ll be lots of fun, with the temperatures not-great. But I did know that when I bought them. OTOH, I’d been thinking (for some reason), I would be butchering in November. Not January.

First of the pullet eggs have been laid, so that’s a plus.

The mealworms seem to be doing okay, although I haven’t seen any actual baby mealworms yet out of the beetles. The drawer unit I had scavenged from a road side a while back didn’t work out as well as I would have liked for the purpose. I found a craft-sorting unit on sale at a hobby store that I think will work better, so that has been shifted to that.