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Couple of Days

2/19/19 Updates:

Root mat
BatchStarting WeightWeightDay of Growth
#21 lb6 lb 3.9 oz7 / fed
#31 lb3 lb 13.6 oz6
#41 lb3 lb 6.8 oz5
#51 lb2 lb 14.9 oz4
#61 lb2 lb 10 oz3
#71 lb2 lb 3.7 oz2
#81 lb2 lb 4.4 oz1
#9.5 lb (8 oz)1 lb 3.8 oz0
#10.75 lb (12 oz).75 lb-1 / soaking

Second feeding of fodder went okay. One rabbit had a small amount of the root mat left in her cage. Everyone else had none.

The NZ and her litter devoured their square before I even managed to feed all twelve cages a square. The weaned SF litter was doing quite the number on theirs.

Eggs: 3 brown, 1 cream-ish, 2 blue/green


I followed the same pattern for the “matured” mat as I did for the previous one: all day sitting in water to have no limit on growth. I noticed it was a bit lighter than the previous two.

BatchStarting WeightWeightGrowth
#31 lb5 lb 3.3 oz7 / fed
#41 lb4 lb 14.8 oz6
#51 lb4 lb 1 oz5
#61 lb3 lb 5.3 oz4
#71 lb2 lb 13.3 oz3
#81 lb2 lb 11 oz2
#9.5 lb1 lb 3 oz1
#10.75 lb1 lb 10 oz0
#111.5 lb (to be split)1.5 lb-1 / soaking

If you notice, Batch 3 seemed to be … behind. I am unsure why, but this showed up in the “final” weight reading, which probably still had more water in it than Batches 1 or 2.

Still, I cut it into 12 roughly equal squares, and gave one each to the cages. Most of the rabbits started nibbling on theirs immediately. Two of the cages (NZ / litter, weaned SF litter) demolished theirs. Note, they still had a small amount of pellets available. The other cages all had PLENTY of food left, but still focused on the greens first. I only have just barely enough to give them basically a taste, but the weaned litter should probably be getting most of a flat on their own.

Batch 9 (the half pound) is definitely sprouting better than the full pound did. Almost all of the seeds have sprouts showing already. Still, I think the 3/4ths pound is going to be the way to go. There’s not quite enough density on the half pound to cover the entire bottom. The 3/4ths pound does a better job.

Batch 11 is starting the ramp up to more production. Soaking in one tub, and I’ll split the seeds into two flats for growing out. I will have to acquire a more appropriate shelf for the project, and potentially more grow lights.

It may be now worth also expanding to trying to soak sunflower seeds for the hens, and sprout those. I’m sure the girls would eat the wheatgrass too, if only I had enough to give them.

I’m in contact with a local breeder who has some Black Copper Marans (which lay chocolate brown shelled eggs) available. I may be acquiring some of those shortly. In the long run, hatching one’s own chicks is part of being “self sufficient”, but I’m fond of variety, too. Also, incubators can be … hard to manage. But we’re reaching a point in flock size that I can allow a broody hen to keep carefully selected eggs for hatching.

Eggs: 3 blue/green, 3 brown. Production seems to be picking up from the deepest lull of winter.