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So one issue I have noticed already with the fodder is that there does seem to be substantial variability between each batch’s sprouting rate and growth rate. These last two have gotten about 4 pounds of fodder out of a pound of seeds. However, Saturday’s and tonight’s both had a substantial amount of seeds which seemed a little sprouted, but not completely. They actually fell out of the root mat when I flipped it over to cut up. So I scraped the seeds up to put into the new batch.

On the other hand, I have also noticed a substantial drop in feed consumption for some of the rabbits, as they adjust to the feed change.

We took the Short One to the kids’ museum yesterday. She had a blast, and I got nothing done except the bare minimum.

Today, we were trying to take a day trip, but the high winds scuttled that plan.

We had promised the Short One that she could see “puppies” at our destination, and scuttling the trip meant we had to change plans. So we stopped at the pet store, she got to see all manner of pet animals, and throw a tantrum that we were leaving.

Other, unnecessary disruptions occurred afterwards. I’m not a people person, and I’m more than a little burnt out after this week of non stop nonsense. So, despite the high winds, I decided to work on finishing up the hutch. Unlike last night, it was ONLY high winds, not high winds, dark, AND raining.

Now: I’m using PVC patio panels for the roofing. I strongly discourage working with metal paneling in high winds. Or, heck, even low winds. Tin paneling isn’t fun or really safe to work with alone.

So, high winds, several completely unnecessary instances of “life hates me”, and high frustration levels which lead to several mis-cuts on wood, later … I have a completed-enough hutch.

Of course, it’s only four more cages, and I still need to figure out how I’m getting the lower rank of cages on the double stack rearranged or moved up. Also need to decide how I’m handling the watering system for that side. For now, bottles are working, but I still need to come up with something.

Because of the situation I was working with, I had to hang my parka up for a good chunk of the actual roofing install, despite the wind and general chill. It’s been more than two hours since I came back inside and I’m still freezing.

One thing I am considering is actually making “trays” for this hutch bank, and making it a double stack too. While it would be *easier* for it to be bare floor, I need to consider how to get the best use out of the footprint I have. I need to play with options for doing that in my head before I try anything else.

Next step is to move some rabbits around and start repairing/replacing the existing cages, and fitting them into the size ranges I prefer. This will certainly require a rework of the existing watering system as well, so I need to consider how to approach that.

Eggs: 1 blue, 1 brown, found on the ground outside of nest box. 1 green, 4 brown, nestbox.