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Save me!

The SF/Champagne litter has discovered they can pop out of their nest box and back in.

Their mother is … less than pleased by this change in circumstances, as you can see.

The NZ/SF litter is interesting. There’s two black brokens, one brown/agouti broken, two sort of agouti solids, and one black solid. The brokens are more likely to be kept than the solids, as that’s why I acquired her at all. One of the brown solids yelled at me when I picked it up yesterday. Little screeching thing, trying to act like it was being crushed. Momma was as unmoved as I was. 😛

The SF doe who lost her litter has stripped most of the aluminum foil tape off of the water pipes. :\ I hope she’s not so stupid as to chew on the electrified wire. I’d rather not lose a pedigreed rabbit due to pure stupidity. I gave her a few sticks to mess with. Hopefully that helps.

Small Person came up to check out the bunnies, and I helped her pet a couple out of each litter. While I worked on rabbits, she checked out the “baby chickens”, and asked into the main coop to look in on everyone.