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The Polar Vortex apparently got its fill of Midwestern sight-seeing, and decamped back home. In return, the 50+ degree temperature change (actual degrees, not just wind chill) meant we were wearing T-shirts during part of the afternoon.

Finally made it out to a local, non-chain feed store. They don’t keep hours I’m usually able to get over there during, but we made it work today. Alas, they had nothing for the feed project I’m trying to work on, and their prices were a good 15-30% higher. (Which I understand, but I can’t absorb that much extra cost.)

We did come home with a VERY beautiful sounding windchime, with a deep lovely voice, however. It’s already hanging up in the front yard, away from the house as it is also rather loud.

Chatted with a fellow breeder at Rural King — he asked if I raised dwarfs at all, as I guess they need a source of pet rabbits for the store. I said, no, as I only raise commercial meat types. We shared some observations about breed changes over the last twenty years, then had to go about our ways.

Got home, got some stuff done, then checked to see if the outside faucet had finally defrosted. It had, so I got the hoses set up to run more water up. Then went up to the run to check on how everything was going.

Water system was defrosted, and it didn’t take long to get it put back together. Small Person came up to check on bunnies, so we looked at cute bunnies for several minutes.

The NZ/SF litter.

Also was finally able to get all of the poop chute cleared out, first time since it got really cold. Since the weather looks like it will be quite tolerable for a bit yet, I also went ahead and pulled the oldest litter’s nestbox. It has a solid wood bottom — the first one I put together when all this happened. So I need to remove that bottom and fix it up with wire like the others.

I actually think the oldest litter is about weaned. They seem to have gone on water and feed very readily, with little issue. Which means I am once again in need of cages. 😛 I will try to make some myself, this time, since the second hand cages didn’t go well.