Farm-ish · Rabbits


The picture is actually from a couple of days ago. It’s just been a long, harried week. After mimicking a barnacle for most of Tuesday evening, Small Person came down very sick in the wee hours of Wednesday. I didn’t tend any of the animals Wednesday. (Which is why they all have multi-day feeders, and I don’t ration anyone. For one, stupid migraines sometimes keep me from doing anything.)

The SF litter has begrudingly adjusted to not having a nest box to hide in. They’re also emptying out the 7.5″ AND 11.5″ J-feeders in the cage in less than two days. They’ve visibly grown since Tuesday evening.

The SF-mix litter is getting braver about this “leaving the nest” thing. In theory, I should be pulling the nest box now. However, Old Man Winter decided he has a few more things to say to the Midwest, and I don’t want to dump the kits out of the nest when it will hit 16F.

The NZ/SF litter is doing well, as you can tell from the picture. Their mother’s neck appears to be mostly healed shut. Thank goodness she injured herself during the deep of winter, instead of summer. Crazy rabbit. (She tore an actual hole into her neck when the kits were born. I think she bit her dulap and pulled, trying to pull hair, but pulled open skin. She’s bugnuts, so I wasn’t able to hold her for anything, and it took me two days to see she’d actually injured herself.) Still, they’re big enough that she’s emptying her feeder too, trying to keep them nursed. They should start coming out of the box soon, to take a look around.

The wire for the new cages has all arrived, so I can start working on that part. Then I’ll have to work out how I’m going to hang them or whatever. The last variation didn’t work out as well as I hoped, so there will also be re-jiggering of the first hutch. I probably should have just made cages from scratch in the first place. *shrug* So it goes.