More Rabbits!

Except these ones aren’t babies. 🙂

Meet my new Golden Palomino trio:

Golden Palomino trio

The buck is a senior, about a year old, and the does are about 4 months old. The breeder is emailing me the pedigrees. I’ll settle on names for them once I have the paperwork (if they’re not already named).

They are GORGEOUS animals. I guess buying from the consistent winner of the “best of breed” and the president of the breed club has its advantages. 🙂

Trying to get things settled, but it’s going to drop to 3F tonight, and a forecast of -7F Tuesday. So I will probably use the hang on waterers for a few days, rather than risk having to reconstruct the watering system a third time this winter. (I am attempting to plan upgrades, yes. There’s several things that aren’t working out as well as I had hoped.)

Now to scramble to get everything else that needs done, done, too. MEEP.