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Last night was “fun”

Small Person asked to go up with me in the freezing cold to see “the bunnies, Momma!”

So I took her up to see the rabbits, while I worked on feed/water and getting the new rabbits settled in.

She went around and looked at all the babies, and then confiscated my flashlight and demanded into the chick pen so she could see “her” babies there, too.

During this, I discovered a kit out of the second litter had gotten out of the nest box sometime during the day, and died. 🙁 I … hoped … I had found it soon enough, although I knew better. I still tried to get it warm again, and hoped very hard and … no. Another week, and it would have been old enough to be okay. Dammit. This is why I want to do drop nest boxes when I build cages.

I tried to have the two Palomino girls stay together in a cage in the overall hutch, as they’re young and sisters even. One is a bit smaller than the other, and I caught the larger of the two harassing the ever loving heck out of the smaller. I guess they’d been separated already. So I spent a good hour make-shifting the spare cage into a fairly stable elevated situation so I could get the larger doe into her own cage.

Plus hand-watering, in plummeting temperatures, so the water would be warm enough to not freeze to the waterers proper. Even still, I had to unfreeze a couple before I came back down to the house for the night, close to midnight.