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Mini Scotch Eggs – Quail & Rabbit Sausage

Mini Scotch Eggs

If you’ve ever made Scotch eggs, you know the concept: hard boiled eggs, wrapped in sausage. Traditionally, they’re then rolled in a batter and deep fried. I can’t have the batter, so my normal method for Scotch eggs is to wrap the egg-and-sausage in bacon and bake.

This particular twist is: hard-boiled quail eggs, rabbit sausage, and rolled in crushed pork rinds. Bacon is really too large to wrap around these tidbits. If you’re game to try, I’d really recommend the thin sliced bacon.

To cook the quail eggs, I put the quail eggs into a wire steamer basket for ease of retrieval. Then into the Instant Pot for 4 minutes, with a 4 minute natural release (followed by popping the vent), and rinsing under cold water until cool to the touch. Peeling the eggs went well, since I only had a couple dozen I was working with. I put a couple into a small glass jar, shook to crack, and made sure to catch the membrane while peeling.

The rabbit sausage was based on the recipe found on the MotherEarthNews website, which I have used previously. For this purpose, however, I would recommend increasing the salt and pepper. The first try was a shade bland, and definitely needed some extra salt and pepper.

I rolled them in crushed pork rinds, and let sit for a few minutes. The ones pictured were deep fried, for about 3 minutes after the oil was hot.

I will also be seeing how they work when baked, per my normal method, and I’ll see about updating this if there’s any concerns I run into that.