Look at the size of that!

I currently keep ducks, chickens, and quail, both jumbo and normal sized.

Went out to care for the birds, and collect eggs.

This is the range of eggs:

Left to right:

Abnormally large duck egg (about the size of a goose egg, in fact), duck egg, Leghorn chicken egg, Jumbo “True Blue” Celadon Coturnix quail egg, and a standard Celadon Coturnix quail egg. Normal quail eggs are splotchy brown and sort of white, perfect for being hidden in foliage.

We don’t get a duck egg like the big one very often, and that one’s going to be for us. Still, it’s always neat to get what’s probably a “double yolker” (but not always). We’ve had chicken eggs the size of duck eggs, and a quail egg which was the size of a bantam chicken egg. (About 1/2-2/3rds the size of a chicken egg.)

Neat as it is, I wince in sympathy a bit when there’s a super large egg for that species. Ow.