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Open Eyes

We’ve been SICK. Accordingly, I have tried hard to minimize my handling and the rabbits’ exposure to me directly. I’ve had antibiotics for two and a half days now, so felt safe(r) handling the fluffbutts.

So far, all three of the currently nursing litters are doing well.

The weather’s been all over the place for temperature, and the kits have apparently adapted to this by making a “warm outside” area in the nest box, which is hay-only and open air, and “chilly” area, where they’ve made a fur burrow. The kits decide where they’re lying at any given point.

When I went to check today, I found both chocolate kits sitting outside of the nestbox, cuddling. Obviously a little chilled, and they hadn’t really meant to get out … but they’re old enough to not die immediately.

You can’t see from the picture below, but its eyes are actually open. Just wasn’t going to cooperate. 🙂

Not cooperating, thank you very muchly.

Every kit I checked in all of the litters has their eyes open.

The runt from Duchess’ litter is still half the size of the others, but relatively thriving.

It’s been far too rainy and gross to work on weighing the older meat litters for the next batch. If the weather will clear up tomorrow, freezer camp may ensue.

Finally started getting the shorter shed put up on blocks and a floor put in, so it’s usable. I don’t know why it was placed in the spot most prone to flooding, but it was. The taller shed was better placed. The intent since we got here was always that we’d fix the short one so short me could use it, while he could use the other one for forging. But the shorter shed was ON the ground, in a standing-water spot, and that’s incompatible with feed-stuffs that will mold and rot.

However, I don’t suggest trying to cut and move the plywood into place by yourself, while you have active bronchitis (complicated by pleurisy and asthma), and you’ve only had medication for about six hours. Tends to cause a few issues. 😛

What, did I do that? … Yeah. First time I’d felt alive in days, so obviously I over-extended immediately.

I have acquired an incubator, but I have to figure out where to put it. I have eggs I’m collecting to hatch, selected from the ones I’d normally sell. Trying to work out where it’s going to go.

The fodder is being … wonky. The last several days’ worth has been useless for feeding the rabbits with (and some of them are irked at the lack of green stuffs). Very molded, despite all my best efforts. I’m wondering if it’s the seed itself, or if I changed a process badly. So I’m trying to change again, and hope I can fix it. I also can’t wait until I can move it outside.