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Chocolate Kit

So far, the two chocolate kits are doing well.

My current intent is to give those two a chance to become the establishing baseline for a chocolate line in the breeding program. But we’ll see.

One issue so far is that while I love the breed, I’m fairly convinced the breeder of most of my stock … didn’t really care about more than throwing pedigreed rabbits out, with some crossing for meat.

All of the rabbits bred by her are crazy. Skittish, temperamental, resistant to handling. The rabbits from other breeders are mostly sane, calm, docile, inclined to petting even if only briefly. The one of hers kept as a pet prior to me acquiring her is only a little calmer.

They’re also on the small side for the breed, with slow growth. So I’m going to have to be a bit aggressive in my culling, once I have sufficient stock TO cull.

But I also want to establish the chocolate line, which is going to require some juggling, initially.

That’s without some of my other breeding program goals.

I didn’t get up last night to do anything, as I apparently jacked up my knee a bit while doing some clean up/maintenance around the back yard. I’ll have to get up to the animals this morning.