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Battened down

Everything I can do against the weather is done. Water levels for everyone are good. Food levels are good. The oldest litter is currently eating an entire J-feeder’s worth of food in one day (between them and their mother), so I provided them with a second, larger J-feeder. All the breeze I can reasonably protect against is protected against.

Chickens have heat lamp and a panel heater. (Plus the chicks’ inside waterer with heater.) The rabbits all have hay to munch on and snuggle in. Added more hay for this litter (the now-youngest), to be sure they have enough protection, but they seemed quite cozy.

The second oldest litter was buried into the back of their box, and very cozy. I got the Bunny Side-eye Death Glare from the one kit I pulled out to check.

“It’s COLD, human. What are you DOING?”

All the protective sheeting is as anchored as I can get it, and I added extra protection to the coop proper.

So … hopefully this all works out. Crossing fingers.