Last night, I verified the remaining kits of the youngest litter were well-fed, and seemed warm enough. I made the doe nurse them, to be sure.

Tonight, they’re all lost. Looks like one had died before I’d checked them last night, but I didn’t find it in the dark. The other three I KNOW were fed.

Either too little, too late, or a sick litter. Given the weather, that’s not impossible.

Doe gets another chance. Obviously, not now. For one, I don’t want litters being born in February, the depths of winter. For two, she needs to recover.

Found half of the second oldest litter out of their nest box. However, in the four days since the first of their number got out of it (and died), they’ve gotten big enough/old enough to survive that. They were huddled up together, just not able to jump back in yet. I assisted. Two were WAY in the back of the nest box, definitely going “Fuck that shit, it’s cold out there. Idiots.”

Eldest litter has reached the point of “cleaning out Mom’s feeder on a daily basis.” They’re doing Just Fine, thankfully.