Today’s Batch

New Zealand – Silver Fox kits

The New Zealand doe, a broken brown, had her kits today. I was actually expecting to see them tomorrow. They’re doing well, despite the 15F temperatures. They seem to be plenty warm enough without a heater. Four spots, three blacks. I won’t discount the possibility of more still in-progress.

I am concerned about her however. She appears to have injured herself in the process of pulling fur. I’m not sure if she cut herself with back claws (which she utterly will not allow me to trim) or if she bit herself, but she’s bloody under her throat. I tried to check her out but … she’s absolutely crazy and hates being handled in any fashion.

The Silver Fox doe I did not think was bred started making noises in her temporary pen, and scratching around in the small nestbox I’d kept with her so she could huddle in it. So, um, yeah. The NZ doe is in HER pen, actually, and I didn’t have a nestbox big enough made for her yet.

So I scrambled to make HER a nestbox, too. She seems pleased with it, and promptly started stashing/nesting in it.

It’s possible I mixed up that doe with her sister, and have the wrong one marked as the bred doe. Or she actually did take a breeding, while I wasn’t around to watch. I’m not sure. I’ll give her sister a few days to start being “productive,” too, before I figure out what happened.