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As the title of the post notes, this is just another mini-farm blog.

Except, really, it’s more of a micro-farm. The primary activities are centered around a 20’x25′ old dog run, and a few garden beds outside of that area. We’re not talking a lot of space.

So why bother?

Because I grew up rural.

My parents, having grown up on ranches themselves, acquired a small five acre lot when I was nine or so. They acquired a horrifically beat up 70s mobile home, for three grand, and got it moved out to the property.

My 10th birthday was celebrated in that trailer, surrounded by packing boxes. We had officially moved in the day before, just in time for the school year.

For about the next fifteen years, I had the run of a small forest, pasture, and eventually a barn (three at the end), plus a garden. I spent the summers picking blackberries and taking long walks alone.

Like so many rural kids, I ended up moving to The City for work. The City — any city — isn’t really great for those who grew up rural. There’s no room to breathe, no quiet. It wears on you, after a while.

After I moved north, for work reasons primarily, life happened. My daughter was born. Ended up purchasing an acre outside of The City, rural enough to keep me settled, but not very rural. We have a library, two gas stations, two restaurants, and a few other small businesses, within a quarter mile. I love my house — it has its issues, but I do love it.

The only thing it really needed to make it “home” in the back of my head … chickens.

And some rabbits.

And … 🙂 I have been firmly told that we really can’t have a goat, or a small cow, not on an acre. (Not that I disagree. I asked to be reminded of this constraint, in fact.)

So why the blog? Eh. Because. Easier to find my pictures if I do it that way, easier to keep track of the commentary I make on the topic. Learning how to cope with the northern weather versus my southern upbringing and experience may be helpful to someone else … or at least amusing.

I don’t promise anything will be exciting, titillating, or even interesting. Sorry. But fluffy bunny pics may be a staple.