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More chicks

Went back to TSC for the remaining chicks on sale for 25/c each.
Some lady had returned 4 Cornish Rocks she bought yesterday because she “didn’t realize they were a meat bird.” Apparently, I did a very good impression of the Tommy Lee Jones implied facepalm.

So, today’s haul was about $80 of chicks … for $7.75. Plus yesterday’s dozen chicks for $3.

Seriously … those 4 Cornish come close to paying for the rest when calculated at “farm raised broiler” costs, and about a quarter of the rest are probably butcherable males. I can also sell off some of the excess pullets to make room for the specialty birds I have coming in a couple of weeks.

The entire TSC staff was ECSTATIC I was taking the remaining birds off their hands. Must be the last batch they’ve got for the season. They were exceedingly helpful about getting the chicks into boxes and packaged out.

ALSO: We passed a dead raccoon which was possibly one of the SOBs that was eating my chickens. Appears to have been hit overnight, as the neighbor mowed that spot yesterday, and decay isn’t very far along.

One down, one to go. Hopefully.