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So apparently to start the summer off “right,” I clonked myself in the head doing the most routine and mundane things possible … unbuckling Small Person from her booster seat. Smacked right into the edge of the car door, and then forgot about doing so for four days. (At least. That’s my best-guess of when it happened.)

It took me four days to figure out why I was REALLY FUCKING SICK any time I tried to do *anything.*

I gave myself a concussion, complete with transient amnesia.

Thankfully, my father was visiting for Small Person’s birthday, so I had help for the worst of the duration.

But all of my early-summer projects? Yeah. Those haven’t, and probably won’t be happening.

I’m finally recovering to a large degree. I still have to watch myself, and there’s tasks I’m afraid to attempt for fear of causing a full relapse.

So today, despite being July 4th, is a day of “get stuff done.” I’ll just have to be careful. Hopefully the tasks completed today will mean improvements in efficiency elsewhere, so that I’ll be doing better later, too.

One thing being REALLY DAMN SICK has proven, however, is that I over-extended in projects. Also, despite advertising attempts, there just isn’t a large market for rabbit meat. 🙁 So I will have to cull my herd somewhat. I’ve been less than impressed with a couple of does’ behaviors, so they’ll go.

I also intend to go to single level hutches only. The double level hutch … hasn’t worked out well in a year’s time. It may be my execution and attention that sucks, but it isn’t working out.

I just need, you know, a non-broken head and some time (without being mosquito food) to work on moving the lower level hutches to a new structure, with watering plumbing. Feeders can be dealt with, but watering is the big thing. After that, I’ll modify the double-level hutch to be easier-access for me, which will also help in the long run. If Small Person can reach sooner, she can help out sooner.