Expanded Nest box

It’s not pretty, but the nest box has been expanded. It’s not pretty because it’s a bunch of scrap wood from other projects or trashed from a friend who gets large shipping crates. I work with what I can get, and “scraps free” make things … easier.

Previously, the top section was a single, long nest box with a single entrance. The hens did like that, but I don’t have the space to make a bunch of those.

So it’s now been split into two, with a second entrance opened up.

I also added a lower level, with an outward swinging door. It’s debatable how well that will work, but we’ll see. The chain-and-hook “latch” was a slap-dab job I cobbled together for tonight.

Lower level.

As you might be able to tell from the pictures, I finished after dark, so there’s no knowing how the girls actually will like it. Hopefully, the landing ‘pad’ for the upper level is sufficient . Also hopefully, going from one nest box, which could be used by two hens at most (the older girls wouldn’t allow the younger ones to share the nest box) to four even if they’re smaller ones, will help.