Duchess had 8. One is a true runt, actually half the size of its siblings. I haven’t seen actual runts often. It’s got even odds for survival. But all of them were round-bellied squirmers, so she’s doing a fine job already. Mystique and Missy have pulled fur, but no kits yet. Mystique took 31 days… Continue reading Babies!

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The French Black Copper Marans cockerels and F2 Easter Eggers have six new little fluff butted roommates now. We picked up three more Ameracauna pullets and three Black Astralorp pullets last night. I ran out of J-clips while working on a 30″x24″ cage with tray slot, and had to run out for those. I did… Continue reading Chicks

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I will start off with the obligatory complaint about the weather: Who ordered more snow and cold? You suck. It’s not quite historic cold, but it’s not far off. I really don’t appreciate this. With that out of the way: Thursday, I took advantage of having a pack of freeze-dried butternut lasagna in my drawer… Continue reading Brrr